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Waterway Maintenance Solution

Sedimentation of waterways is a naturally occurring phenomena that is exacerbated by urbanization and climate change. As such, maintenance dredging is required to keep these waterways clean and clear. We are a robotics company, offering a sustainable way to clean the world's waterways. Why? Because not conducting maintenance dredging regularly enough results in three big problems:

reduced carrying capacity of waterway results in flooding of surrounding areas

Delay of Goods

delayed goods in navigable waterways

Environmental Damage

damage to aquatic environment

Supported in part by the National Science Foundation I-Corps Program Award #1565707

Introducing, the Microdredger™

The Microdredger™ is a robotic system that can continuously and autonomously conduct sediment removal in a waterways with less environmental disturbance and human involvement than traditional technologies. This is the Roomba for waterways. In the same way that you don’t wait ten years to go to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned, we don’t believe that you should wait ten years to get your waterways cleaned.
Cost Savings & Environmental Responsibility

Unlike traditional dredging technologies, the Microdredger™ is the first-of-its-kind autonomous and continuous maintenance dredging solution which offer:

  • a 90% Reduction in fossil fuel consumption

    traditional dredging methods use fossil fuels, while the Microdredger™ will be electric-powered.

  • up to an 80% reduction in project costs

    costs are dramatically reduced (50-80%) by reducing equipment, mobilization and labor costs.

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